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Model Steam Engine Plans

 Wobblers (Oscillators)

Simple oscillatorWobblers, otherwise known as oscillating steam engines are the simplest of all model steamOscillator and boiler engines to produce for the novice model engineer considering  having a lack of the necessary machine tools available to anyone new to this hobby. They come in many configurations but mostly there are two types and these are covered in our offerings of free wobbler steam engine plans.

Those that have an inlet and exhaust passing through the same portway, or those where the inlet is at or near the top of the cylinder, with slots near the bottom of the cylinder to allow the spent steam to vent to atmosphere, that way making the construction easier to accomplish.

The second is mainly used with single acting steam engines where the power stroke is from one direction only as double acting steam engines would need the combined inlet and outlet at each end of the cylinder or a longer cylinder and piston assembly and a complicated crank arrangement.

V twin oscillating steam engineThere are complicated varieties, but the simplest wobblers are made as a flat sided tube with a piston inside, with one end sealed and a single port drilled near the top to allow the gas transfer according to the position of the wobble. The cylinder is generally pivoted along one side, midway along its piston movement inside the cylinder, sitting flat on a face with the port sliding to and fro with the wobble, openinglocomotive driven by an oscillating steam engine and closing the inlet and exhaust passages through the face the piston is pivoting on in turn according to the crank position.

They are excellent first-timers steam engines as they can be completed on a drill press, or even without for very rudimentary models, although they do tend to require high revs (according to size of course) to produce any servicable power in the smaller scales.

Check out the ones in the links on the left for a better idea.


Free plans

Twin cylinder oscillating boat engine (with boiler)               Easy build                      Free
Ernie Wobbler                                                 Very easy build    -   small    Free
David Engine                                   full instructions   -   easy build   -   small engine     Free
Wobbler                                          single cylinder   -   easy build   -   French     Free
Twin Cylinder Oscillator                               plans only   -   Some Spanish             Free

4 cyl Wobbler   -   German design boxer engine
Midget  Steam Engine
Twin Cylinder Oscillator
4 cyl wobbler   -    a bit vague   -   plans only
Virginia Steam Engine      Passenger hauling locomotive in 3.5" scale
Plus others
Only 2.67