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Model Steam Engine Plans


Learn how to make a homemade model steam turbine able to power many things (depending on size of course) using our model steam turbine plans.

From the simplest type using the direct force on vanes to more complicated versions. Using one of our small steam turbine designs you can learn how to build a small or micro steam turbine from scratch, from
casting your own housing to manufacturing the rotor.

To make a diy steam turbine our guides will help you decide which is the best for you in showing you how to build a small steam turbine, providing you with homemade steam turbines plans we've sourced from all over the net, covering small steam turbine design along with guidance in a pdf format.

They are certainly not rocket science to produce, but when you consider the speed they rotate at, you need to watch out for surplus heat on the bearings, steam flow and exhausting gases.

We offer many free simple plans in pdf format for various styles and uses of model, many including instructions showing you how to make a homemade steam turbine for your project.

If the download you want does not happen automatically (as can happen with older operating systems), to download the pdf you want select the page and right click it. Next select the 'save as' with a left click and save the page to your own computer wherever you wish (usually the desktop is easiest for retrieval purposes).

Be aware though, some of these files are quite large and may require some time to download for slower connection speeds, and to help with this the page file size is shown.

Available plans
How to make a homemade steam turbine   -   very simple design                                   Free
How to make a turbine engine    -   Beginners casting and production                             Free
Model steam turbine design   -   Easy turbine model.                                                       Free
Wood Engine   -   Easy live steam engine including turbine   -   small                             

Pop Science Boiler
Pop Mechanics Boiler
V Twin  Oscillator
3.5" Tich Steam Engine   Passenger hauling locomotive
Vacuum Motor
Plus others
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