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Model Steam Engine Plans

 How To Build Your Own Steam Engine

Whether you're looking for plans to build a small steam engine or a massive one we've got plenty here to give you guidance on how to build your own steam engine projects.

There are plans here showing how to build a steam engine for beginners or for intermediate skilled craftsmen, through to experienced model engineers with years of practice behind them. We even offer plans on how to build a steam boiler so you can produce your own steam driven machinary to order.

There are many free simple plans in pdf format for various styles and uses of model, many including instructions showing you how to make a homemade steam engine; be it a single or double acting, single or multiple cylinders, easy or complicated, whatever you are looking for in a live steam project.

We cover turbines, a few boilers, stationary engines, boat engines, table engines, locomotives in the smaller and larger scales, even a model steam car which is a great kids toy. We have links to model traction engines (steam tractors) and many other items, although most are on this site already, and the best of it is most of these are freely available to you, but sadly we do need to charge a very small fee for some as we have purchased a percentage of these plans to broaden our range for your benefit despite a few of them being sourced freely on the internet.

Be aware though, some of these files are quite large and may require some time to download for slower connection speeds.

If on the other hand you are looking for a ready made model steam or hit & miss engine we have some available on our Model Steam Engine Kits page, plus we have pre-machined kits available from PM Research, a well known engineering company supplying excellent models worldwide.

Available plans
The Wood Engine    -   alcohol fired   -   easy to make   -   small engine     Free
Vertical single cylinder engine   -   medium size   -   semi skilled project     Free
Vertical single cylinder   -   smaller size than above    -   semi skilled           Free
Simple oscillator with boiler   -   needs no lathe                                         Free
Popular mechanics 1963 engine   -   easy build                                          Free

Double Scotch Engine
Engine from Scraps
French Twin
Horizontal Slide-valve Engine
Compound Engine drawings and  build guide
Two boiler guides
Steam Crane
Steam Whistle
And there's more....
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