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How To Stop My Puppy From Biting Me

How To Stop A Puppy Biting You

You've got yourself an adorable little puppy who's cuddly, playful and sweet who you think the world of, but those pin-like teeth are becoming a bit of a pain when he gets excited.

puppy nipping fingerHe's getting to be an agressive puppy, stronger by the day and it's totally natural for him to be testing his bite. After all, his puppy aggression comes from him being a member of a pack, like wolves - his predecessors, where dogs had to live in groups and it is this rough and tumble which sets the pecking order within the group especially when feeding time came along as food aggression in puppies was a matter of whether they lived or died.

The stronger dogs became the leaders and these were the ones who had the most powerful bite, and again, your puppy is testing you with the only tool he has, his mouth, to see just how far he can go without causing harm to himself from you because of being too aggressive.

This is the beginning of a puppy trying to become the pack leader - and there's your problem in a nutshell...

The puppy is now part of your family group - no matter the number of that group, and you are assuming he wants to play, which is fine when he is very young, but as those pin-like teeth and bite become stronger, he starts to cause you more pain with the superficial punctures, but you put up with it thinking he's just a puppy - he'll grow out of it, and it is one of the most common mistakes people make with puppy mouthing, chewing and biting.

So, when do puppies stop biting?

In simple terms, you need to show him you are the pack leader, otherwise he never will.

Once he loses those first teeth at about 4 or 5 months of age, his stronger teeth start showing, and these can really do some damage if you allow him to continue along this path. You need to take charge, and a
fter reading this you'll probably never think of puppy training advice that you hear from others the same way again.

Hopefully you'll look at it all through your puppy's eyes rather than human eyes…and that is when you will start to understand how to stop a puppy biting you.

Take a few seconds and think about it for a moment…

Right now, millions of puppies are being taught by their owners to gently mouth their fingers and hands. That’s right, we are training our puppies to do something that we then do not want them to do later on!

Now doesn't that sound crazy??? And yet…

That is the standard way we teach puppies, not directly by commands, but allowing them to learn by practice. You teach your puppy to mouth gently and when he hurts you a few times you start telling him he is doing it too hard and then you teach him not to do it anymore and if he does it's the worst thing he could possibly do…

Confusing for you? Well, what about your puppy? That’s because it is complicated!

Now don’t think you are alone in this. Like I say, most people are taught to do this, and so was I when I started dog training and yet there is a much easier way.

Here it is…

Simply start as you mean to go on! Sounds logical – and it is… even your dog will appreciate that the rules don’t change as they grow up.

Here's some easy steps to follow, but make sure you continue with the routine, otherwise he will again try to become the pack leader.
  • From the beginning, try to encourage your puppy to leave your fingers and clothes alone. He's wanting contact and the proximity of your smell.
  •  If your puppy mouths you, redirect his attention onto something else, like his toys or chews.
  •  If he insists on mouthing, yelp as if you are hurt, place him calmly on the floor and leave him alone for a few moments.
  •  If he continues again, take him calmly and quietly to a quiet place and ignore him for a minute or two.
This very easy approach does work. I adopted it from this free pdf which is such a straight forward approach to training puppies. If you want to check it out as it includes free videos on mouthing and other issues related to dog training, please click the link.

Now, there’s a few things you need to be flexible with as you go along the training path.

1.    First, when your puppy is only, say 8 weeks old, you should always give them several chances ifolder dog biting they do accidentally mouth you. It's really around the 5 month old mark that you must no longer tolerate any mouthing at all - when the adult teeth are starting to come through…

2.    Also when you call your puppy to you, make sure that you have something in your hand to put in his mouth. If you don't you are setting him up to fail. As humans we give affection through our hands but puppies and dogs tend to use their mouths more so they need something to mouth when you are cuddling and praising them!

3.    The last tip is simply this, when your puppy starts to mouth you and ignores the chew toy you offer, stay calm and place him on the floor. Do not start getting annoyed and shout “No!” This will only get him more excited… that's the last thing you need!

Your understanding of your puppy is the key to developing an amazing relationship with him. When you're able to see things through his eyes you'll start to see how your actions make him feel.

Doggy Dan’s video website with over 250 videos is absolutely fantastic for helping you see things from a dog's or a puppy's point of view. He even has weekly videos of how he raised his own puppy, Moses, from 8 weeks of age.

If you're serious about getting a puppy to stop biting in a kind and gentle way that will lead to an amazing relationship between the two of you over time then check out the free dog training pdf with free video links attached.

To get YOUR access now just CLICK HERE

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