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 Leader Of The Pack Dog Training

An Easy Reading Guide For Pet Owners

I would like to explain three very important facts about your relationsip with your dog as these will show whether you control your dog, or if it is the other way round where he controls you...

The first is do you understand what is meant by being the pack leader.

The second is whether you think it is all hype and put about by dog trainers to give them some importance in the dog training world.

The third, if you do agree with the first, is do you think the pack leader has to be top dog by using aggression, for example by making the most noise, thrashing your pet dog if he does wrong showing your anger to control him.

Your answer to these questions could  easily transform your relationship with your beloved companion, almost instantly and forever.

Questions 1 and 2:   Being the pack leader?

Let's first of all look at the facts...

Dogs are naturally pack animals. There are leaders and followers within this group, just like most species on this earth and you trying to change that is a waste of your time. It always has been that way and always will be.

The pack leaders are the top dogs within those groups who make the decisions and the followers simply follow their guide.

As a species, dogs have descended from wolves, again pack animals who tend to look after themselves to survive as a group, and what most people don't seem to understand is that even in your home group, you, to the dog, represent a pack, regardless of the species withing that pack, be it a cat, dog, children, adults, even a pet goldfish in a tank sat on the sideboard...

From the dog's point of view all these beings within this group are his pack members and there needs to be one in control to make all the big decisions to keep the pack members safe.

Now in many homes there are some dogs who are only too happy to please. They are submissive, very easy to train and their owners have convinced themselves that this is all down to their good training methods and how they care for their dog.

You may even know people like this... They have this amazing, easy, placid dog that does everything it should and never causes any upset to anyone. You just can't work out why as the owners don't seem to do anything special. In fact you may well be a bit cheesed off as your dog is causing you so much grief.

The truth here is...   It's usually  nothing to do with the owners and how they train their dogs...   It's just that some dogs are much easier to train than others.

And the silly part of it is they may have had a dog for years and convinced themselves they are 'naturals' with dogs so keep dishing out advice to anyone who'll listen about how they control their dog, when in reality they just have an 'easy dog'!

On the other hand you may have a difficult or smart, driven dog and you may need to know properly about the messages you are giving to your dog. You need to understand how your dog 'reads' you so you can communicate properly with him. It is much more difficult to train these dogs as understang their behaviour doesn't come naturally to us, as a different species, and the only way you can keep control of your dog is to ensure that YOU are pack leader within your home.

It is only then they will listen to you...

And the difference between these easy and difficult dogs has nothing at all to do with their breeds. It's all about their own character and individual personality, and the worst of it is, after you have brought home that adorable puppy, then the character develops more and evolves to take in his surroundings.

Compared to ourselves, the easy dogs are the wall-flowers who don't want to be in the lime-light, while the difficult ones are the go-getters, wanting to take charge, to rule the roost - they want to dominate and give the orders. So with this dog's character you may be finding that training your dog is not really happening when he wants to be the pack leader.

Maybe you have tried bribing him with treats which never seems to work as you are battling his natural attitude. It's like trying to swim upstream against a strong current where you are getting nowhere and it's a constant struggle.

And it's all because in your dog's mind you are not the pack leader who must be followed... YET!

You see, if you are the one swimming against the flow, you do need to become the pack leader, so it is not just hype.

Question  3:    Does a pack leader need to be aggressive in their behaviour?

The one thing a good pack leader exudes is a calm and consitant manner. They are firm but fair; there's no screaming, shouting, no hurting or smacking; there's no need for any of that, even if we do fly off the handle now and again.

That's the old fashioned idea where we were taught we had to physically dominate out dogs, to be more aggressive. It involves a lot of force and confrontation with your dog and cause you endless stress at the same time.

The more modern, and much better training methods are where people are taught how to actually win their dogs trust in a calm and gentle way so their dog accepts them as the pack leader through choice, rather than fear or domination.

By learning how our dogs see the world through their eyes we can then adjust our own behaviour to communicate clearly with them in a way they understand. It is of the utmost importance we manage to give them the right messages rather than baffling them with the way humans react to any situation. Just think, we would never apply any bird or fish psychology to a dog, so why apply human? Not only that, but do you know of any dog that has learned psychology?

We, as humans, are basically primates, we have evolved from apes, but your dog is a canine developed from wolves, so there is a vast difference in our evolved understanding of pack leadership.

When you understand your dog's mind and where they are coming from there is absolutely no need for any aggressive training or domination. If you are struggling then more than likely your dog does not see you as the pack leader and simply does not understand what you want from him.

Here's something I found that will help you out and it's something anyone can do. There's videos included in the pdf to help you understand what's needed to cover many dog behaviour related problems and what you need to do to correct them, mostly by becoming the pack leader and learning about dog behaviour the easy way.

Take a look at this FREE pdf to learn how to become the pack leader now...

If you are serious about wanting your dog to be so well behaved you become stress free and proud of him, then I recommend you take a look at this FREE pdf now.

CLICK HERE and take controlof your dog for good.