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 What Dogs Are Hypoallergenic

Here's a List of Hypoallergenic Dogs With Pictures

What dogs are hypoallergenicYou want to own a dog but you get the sniffles, skin irritations or a sore throat when you are around one? Maybe you have an asthma sufferer in your family but are unsure about a pet?

First of all you need to distinguish whether you or the dog is hypoallergenic as there is a big difference.

For a dog to be hypoallergenic, it will be sneezing regularly when in a dusty or pollen filled room, just as we humans do, or it may well be reacting to something in its diet. In that case a specific diet to overcome these problems as can be recommended by your vet, either that or simply make your own.

On the other hand if it is you or one of yours that has the reaction, then you need to explore just what kinds of dogs are hypoallergenic to allow you to live together without too much upset.

There are many dogs that are classed as hypoallergenic, but the truth is there are very few that are totally free of allergens. Most can live with allergy sufferers as they produce little, rather than none of these allergens, while other breeds will antagonise the problem no end.

It's all down to shedding and the furniture you have in your home. If you have a dog that sheds profusely and your furniture is cloth based, along with carpets around the home, then you are asking for trouble as the fibres in the material release the settled shedded allergens when disturbed. Simply walking on a carpet or sitting in a chair will result in microscopic spores being circulated round the room.

Generally speaking, many types of dogs have a double layer of fur, a fine undercoat and a longer outer coat. This type of dog normally comes from cooler climates where the dense fur keeps the cold out while the outer coat is for weather protection and defense when protecting its family from danger, and this type of dog is not generally recommended for the allergy sufferer.

Other varieties tend to have thinner single coats, while some have hair, very similar to us humans, the afghan and the poodle spring to mind here, where they need to be clipped regularly, much like we do. There have been many cross-breeds introduced to reduce the  release of allergens whilst at the same time keeping the original characterics required in a dog.

If you are still interested then these are the ones you should be looking for the 'hairy' type, the ones that don't, or barely, shed.

Looking at what dogs are hypoallergenic and readily available, the list below shows them running up in size order, including the cross-breeds. More will be added and they will be linked to a description as the site develops.

Below is a list of small hypoallergenic dogs with pictures:

Hypoallergenic Dog Breed
Height at shoulder
Brussels Griffon Hypoallergenic Dogs Brussels Griffon

7.5 - 9 inches 19 - 23 cm 5 - 11 lbs 2.3 - 5 kg
Yorkshire Terrier
Yorkshire Terrier

7.5 - 9 inches
19 - 23 cm
3.5 - 8 lbs
1.6 - 3.6 kg
Hypoallergenic Maltese Dog
Maltese Dog

8 - 10 inches
20 - 25 cm
2 - 8 lbs
1 - 3.5 kg
Shih Tzu Dogs On A Bench Shih Tzu

8 - 11 inches
20 - 28cm
8.5 - 16.5 lbs
4 - 7.5 kg
Dandie Dinmont Terrier Dandie Dinmont Terrier

8 - 11 inches
20 - 28 cm
18 - 24 lbs
8.2 - 11 kg
Hypoallergenic Havanese Dog
Havanese Dog

8 - 11.5 inches
20 - 29 cm
7 - 13 lbs
2.3 - 6 kg
Australian Silky Terrier
Australian Silky Terrier

9 - 10 inches
23 - 25 cm
8 - 10 lbs
3.6 - 4.5 kg

9 - 12 inches
23 - 30 cm
6.5 - 13 lbs
3 - 6 kg
Bichon Frise in a natural state
Bichon Frise

9 - 12 inches
23 - 30 cm
6.5 - 11 lbs
3 - 5 kg
Coton de Tulear
Coton De Tulear 9 - 12 inches
23 - 30 cm
8.5 - 13 lbs
4 - 6 kg

To explore more, just click the picture or the 'more' links.

Many more will be added in the near future

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