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Mostly FREE Steam Books  

Many of the following old steam books from all over the internet covering steam engines and boilers whether on land, sea or fesh water are absolutely free of charge and come directly from this site, so no bugs, with others that may prove useful to you in your workshop or just to fill a need supplied by Amazon (the best prices we've found on the net) - simply click the the links to download or check them out - no need to buy from Amazon but well worth a look. We do get a small commission from there to help keep this site as free as possible if you decide to buy.

Some of these are a bit on the big side so take quite a time to download, so please be patient.

 If you're not interested in Amazon, then no worries - just put the kettle on, sit back and have a good read on us.

A History Of The Growth Of The Steam Engine
Advances In Steam Path Technology
Building Simple Model Steam Engines

Steam Engines Explained (Britain's Living History)
Concise Illustrated Book Of Steam Trains
The Train Book: The Definitive Visual History (Dk)

Steam Trains: The Magnificent History of Britain's Locomotives from Stephenson's Rocket to BR's Evening Star
Destroyer Steam Propulsion Plant Manual
Driving A Steam Locomotive

GE Steam Turbine Design - Philosophy And Technology Programs
High Power density Steam Turbine Design Evolution
How A Steam Locomotive Works

How To Build A Model Steamer
Industrial Boilers And Heat Recovery Steam Generators
International Steam Tables 2nd Edition

Iron And Steamship Archeology
Maritime Steam - How Steam Revolutionized The World's Shipping
Plugging, Repair and Inspection of Steam Generator Tubing

Rail, Steam & Speed
Reliability of Safety-Related Steam-Turbine-Driven Standby Pumps
Report of the Cruise of the Revenue Steamer Corwen

Basic Tutorial  On Steam Plants
Steam - Design of Fluid Systems

Steam Basics
Steam Engine Theory & Practice

Steam Explosion Review
Steam Explosion & Reactor Safety

Steam Generators - Description & Design
Steam Generators - Operating
Steam Tables (ASME) - Compact Edition

Steam Turbine Thermal Evaluation
Steam Turbine Design & Application
Steam Turbines For Industrial Applications
Steam Turbines For Large Power Applications

Steam Turbines For Modern Fossil Fuel Power Plants
Steam Turbines
Steam Turbines: Theory and Design

Steam, Steel And Electricity
The Abortion Of The Young Steam Engineer's Guide
The Great American Steamboat Race

The Life of Brunel
The Steam Turbine
The Steamboat Era
The Story Of The Paddle Steamer

US Navy Destroyer Steam Propulsion Plants

Encyclopaedia of American Steam Traction Engines
American Steam Engines: Their Practical Operation And Economy