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Model Steam Engine Plans

Steam Engine Oddments

Here we have build pdf's covering an assortment of different model steam engine related options ranging from:Live steam fire engine toy
  • a steam powered turbo-generator
  • a 13 amp plug engine
  • the Fizzwhiz Steam Car
  • A live Steam Fire Engine
  • A Water / Steam Pump
  • petrol / gas engines
Live steam fire engineThere's even a fuel-less space engine, but that's not exactly steam, along with a mini CO2 propelled V twin, which could well be run on air or steam, although this is metric and in German.

Take a look and if any take your fancy, just click the link.

If the download you want does not happen automatically (as can happen with older operating systems), to download the pdf you want select the page and right click it. Next select the 'save as' with a left click and save the page to your own computer wherever you wish (usually the desktop is easiest for retrieval purposes).

Ready made engines are also available here on our model steam engine kits page.

Be aware though, some of these files are quite large and may require some time to download for slower connection speeds.

Available plans
V twin steam engine   -   metric   -   French  script   -   hard           Free
Turbo generator                                                                        Free
Steam car - turbine   -   easy toy.                                                 Free
Model Water / Steam Pump                                                        Free
Live Steam Fire Engine   -    good sized engine   -   medium ability for build.    Free
Steam Driven Crane                                                                                           Free

Fuelless Space Engine                                                                
FizzWhis Steam Car
Elbow Engine
Rotary Valve Engine                                                                 
13 Amp plug Engine.   -   Super small, but cheap to make             
Homemade gasoline engine   -   a bit vague                                 
Water Motor   -   basic design                                                   
Only  2.67