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Model Steam Engine Plans


Cracker model steam locoYou want to build your own live steam locomotive and you're looking for model locomotive plans to get you started?

Below you will find some examples starting with the very simple 'Ajax' steam engine, a first timers model in the smaller scale.

Or maybe you want to step up a gear and try the 'Cracker' (shown on the left) aJuliet live steam locomotive little more complicated but still quite small, just to get your hand in before you try something larger like the 'Newbie' locomotive, a coal fired, semi difficult live steam railway engine capable of pulling a few adults round a track.

Once you realise how easy that one was you'll more than likely move on to other more popular passenger hauling model live steam locomotives as in these pdfs for download showing the process of building these engines including the needed drawings, although these require an experienced hand, a keen eye and decent engineering machinary like a lathe and milling machine and lots of time to complete each model to the same standard as this pristine 'JULIET' 3.5 inch on the right.

Ajax Steam Loco.   -   1947 version   -   novices build   -   small                             
Cracker Steam Engine   -   improver build   -   small                                                 Free
Dave Watkins Engine   -   clear metric plans / no instructions   -   gas fired   -   175mm long approx Free
Doris   -   3.5" gauge live steam coal-fired passenger hauling loco.          Large file size           Free
Dot   -   slightly smaller version of Doris, still 3.5" gauge                        Large file size                     Free

JPDuval Loco   -   thorough metric drawings   -   no instructions   -   French    -    possibly 2.5" gauge
Newbie Locomotive   -   Large loco   -   easy build   -   first timers.
Juliet   -   3.5" gauge live steam coal-fired passenger hauler loco                
Virginia   -   3.5" gauge live steam coal-fired passenger hauler loco
Rose   -    Beginners  3.5" gauge live steam coal-fired passenger hauler loco
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