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Live Steam Engine Kits For Sale 

Fully machined live steam engine model kits for sale from PM Research.
Just click the pic or its link to find out more...
Model Steam Mill Engine
Model Steam Mill Engine

Single cylinder live steam engine

Bore 1/2", Stroke 3/4", Double Acting

This engine is similar to those used to provide line shaft power to factories and mills in the 1800's. The line shafts conveyed the power to machinery via pulleys and flat leather belts.

With a 2 1/4 inch flywheel and an overall length of 6 inches, this bronze and iron engine kit is completely machined for easy assembly and comes complete with all required hardware, gasket material, brass and steel bar stock and working drawings.

Weight 2.90 lbs

Oscillating Steam Engine
Oscillating Steam Engine
Single cylinder oscillating  steam engine

Bore 1/2", Stroke 3/4", Double Acting

Often adapted for small marine applications, this engine has a simple but unique porting system. The head oscillates as it runs, swinging the port holes from inlet to exhaust.

A great novice engine as well as fun for the experienced enthusiast. This kit comes completely machined for easy assembly including all hardware, gasket material, brass bar stock and complete drawings.

Weight 1.50 lbs

Working Steam Mill Engine
Working Steam Mill Engine

Twin cylinder, self starting, horizontal steam engine

Bore 1/2", Stroke 3/4", Twin Engine

With a 3 inch flywheel, an overall length of 6 1/4 inches, an overall width of 6 3/4 inches and 3 1/2 inches high, this kit will make a great project.

Because of the twin cylinders, this engine has the unique ability to always start by just turning on the steam. There is no need to crank the flywheel.

Kit completely machined for easy assembly with all required hardware, gasket material, brass and steel bar stock and working drawings. 

Weight 7.00 lbs

These steam engines are very simple live steam kits making them an easy entry into the fascinating world of the bygone steam era. They will need either a small steam boiler to run them or can just as easily be run on compressed air.

With steam they need a lubricating system (normally with an engine of this size a displacement lubricator works fine where the steam enters the lubricator, condenses and the water droplets push a small amount of steam oil into the steam line feeding the engine).

With an air feed the engine needs to be lubed up before being run as air does not condense into a liquid (unless it is super cooled) so displacing oil does not happen, and regular touching up with oil of the moving parts is a necessity.

Generally speaking, the bushes and bearings of this type of steam engine tend to be made of phosphor bronze - a metal that is self lubricating, and requires just a smidgeon of oil to ease their movement considerably.

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