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WhyAm I Putting On Weight So Fast

Why am I putting weight on around my middle when I'm eating less?

Why am I putting weight on my stomach when the rest of me is slim?

It just can't be, can it?

I'm on a diet and I am putting weight on for no reason - so how do I stop gaining weight?

I've heard these comments many times from people who approach me enquiring about their growing stomach bulge or general weight gain and the answer can be manifold.

There are many things that cause our bodies to put on weight, ranging from:
  1. overeating
  2. eating the wrong type of foods
  3. reduced exercise or workload
  4. a change in lifestyle
  5. depression
  6. thyroid hormone deficiency
  7. developing pre-diabetes
  8. aging
There are others, but these seven represent around 99% of the causes.

So looking at the first...

1...   Over-eating

This is simply a case of too many calories in versus too few calories out, and the simplest way round this is to drink a glass of water before any meal as this kids your stomach on that it is partly filled with food, so you eat less.

If you reduce you food intake, as in a diet and you find you are putting on weight for no reason, then there are other things to consider.

2...   Eating the wrong type of food...
We, the human race, were rarely overweight in times gone by, unless of course we were well-off and could afford to let the menial tasks be done for us and at the same time live the life of Riley attending the various banquets within a days carriage or horse ride of the locality. Over the last few hundred years food has become more plentiful owing to better agricultural practices and because of this factory production was raised around agricultural methods.

Foods were (and still are) canned, preserving the flavor and long life of these products, where the manufacturers weren't too concerned about the blandness or look of their products as there was very little way of communicating problems back then.

But since then, as businesses have expanded and packaging materials changed, the public have been offered eye-catching, brightly colored food and see-through packaging to attact attention and promote sales, with chemicals and preservatives added to prolong the life and appeal of the item.

In doing this we, the public, are buying items tainted with chemicals our bodies cannot use. These chemicals actually harm our bodies, although in the present day nothing has been proven - much like cigarettes and lung cancer were regarded a few years ago - so nothing gets changed.

These chemicals are said to be safe for human consumption, but what you are not told is their toxicity builds up in your body ever so slowly over time.

From this it can be understood that factory produced foods are primarily a product for manufacturers to make money from. They use the easiest way possible, along with the most readily available products to produce their wares, from no matter where in the world, regardless of distances travelled and also regardless of whether it is detrimental to the population of the world or the locality where it is produced.

Their prime concern is to make money!

From this you can see that relatively local, natural foods are the most benefit to us to help the planet and at the same time to keep weight off as recommended in the Metabolic Cooking Cookbook.

There are many products our bodies cannot tolerate, the prime one being hydrogenated fats (cooking oil, blended margarines, ice cream, chocolate spreads, peanut butter and the likes - fats which are liquid or semi-solid at room temerature which tend to clog up our systems from within, causing endless problems further down the line with our circulation, heart, kidneys, thyroid, liver - you name an organ within your body and it'll be there, doing the damage as you approach middle age or beyond.

3...   Reduced exercise or workload...
This stands to reason with regards to the first item, where less calories are being burnt off.

No matter how we look after ourselves, if a change occurs where less calories are needed and we still keep consuming the same, possibly from boredom or more free time, sometime actually eating more without realizing it, then we're bound to put weight on.

4...   A change of lifestyle...
This again is down to the amount of calories out versus calories in. If you won the lottery would you still be eating the same foods and working out the same? Would nothing change?

5...   Depression...
If you suffer from depression then more than likely you get in a state of 'I can't be bothered with...' which means you are less active and probably picking at high sugar or hydrogenated snacks all the time, meaning the input of calories gets higher. This could also be down to your thyroid slowing down production as the two are linked together, mostly from a poor diet where consumption of sugary foods or hydrogenated fats and salt is the trigger.

6...   Thyroid hormone deficiency...
This in itself may have been caused by the same food products we have eaten, as hormones travelling through our blood, which is what your thyroid puts out, tell the various organs in your body to speed up or slow down production of their particular bodily production or reasons for being in your body, like your heart pumping, breathing, sweating when you get hot, eat when you need to or stop when you are full, that type of thing.

Your thyroid should control your daily functions, but if its output is curtailed (an underactive thyroid) then your whole body slows down marginally and you may not even notice it initially, but you will be gaining weight with your thyroid problem and very steadily at that. The direness here is that as your body slows down, more fat is stored, which in turn produces more estrogen which slows your thyroid down more - even in men.

It also tends to lead to depression, but you can overcome this by eating the right foods that stimulate your thyroid, plus there needs to be some activity, erratic, not regular, a small amount really. More info can be found at our thyroid page on this site along with a food-type related remedy for thyroid conditions.

If you stay active - even moderately, then this stimulates your thyroid which in effect boosts you whole feeling of well-being and eliminates any signs of depression.

7...   Developing pre-diabetes...
Pre-diabetes is the fore-runner of type 2 diabetes, where your body is perhaps a little overweight and the fat inside your body cavity is either restricting the sensitivity of your islets of langerhans - the main insulin production part of your pancreas, or your blood vessel walls are thickening with fat layers, which again restricts the sensitivity, which means your blood sugar level gets raised after a meal and stay raised for longer than it should, which progressively gets worse as time goes by as more fat is added.

So eating surplus food not only puts extra weight on you; it can also cause other maladies within the body.

More pre-diabetes information can be found here on this site.

8...   Aging...
That dreaded aging... It's a pain, isn't it, but there is nothing you can do about... Full Stop... Although you can improve your 'silver' years.

What happens here is your internal organs start to wear out. Your inner repair hormones are maybe not being produced in sufficient numbers (possibly from your type of diet?) and again your body is laying down fat as a reserve of energy (again triggered by any of the above).

So you can see that as you age and slow down, you need to consume less food, otherwise it just gets stuck right in front of you or wherever else it takes a fancy, resulting in slower movement and less activity, which produces more fat reserves, which again produces more estrogen, which produces fat more easily... Etc... Etc... Etc.... A never ending circle, unless you cut down a little and stay relatively active.

On top of this your fat restricts the flow of remedial hormones travelling through your blood stream, and also reduces the number of these hormones getting through your cell walls owing to the fat deposits in your blood vessels, meaning little cell renewal takes place.

It's a slow process that creeps up on everybody, but it's going on all the time, and the more fat you are carrying around, the shorter your lifespan. This is really what aging is all about.

Take your time and explore the links for more info.

More topics will be added in the near future!

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