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How Can I Stop Yo Yo Dieting

How To Lose Weight Without Trying

Yo Yo dieting is the bain of everyone who wants to lose some weight and keep it off isn't it. We've all done it!

You want to lose weight but it can be a constant struggle. You may have tried all sorts of fad or quick fix diets and lost a few pounds, only for it to come bounding back on again, and then some.

 To be honest, these quick fix diets are the most dissappointing ones of all as the weight drops off very quickly to start with - they say it's mostly water in the first ten days which is easiest to lose, and then there's the plateau where everything stands still, or sometimes you can even put a pound or two back on. It's frustrating and you wonder where you're going wrong because you're definitely sticking with the diet.

It's just that nothing is happening on the weight loss scene...

Frustration sets in and you feel you're not going to lose any more, so you give yourself a treat to stop feeling so despondant and sluggish, then the guilt and depression kicks in as the weight starts coming back on, so you eat more to console yourself.

It's very easy to explain what is happening to your body while you are on a crash diet like this.

yoyo dieting explained Firstly, you are keeping your calorie intake low or exercising more, hopefully to get your body to burn up some fat, but the 'fat' isn't burned up in the first stages and doesn't start to get burned up until after the plateau is reached.

What happens is all your bodily cells and muscles contain water and easily usable (watery/glucose) fats that are normally used for energy to keep your body working properly.

It's this 'water' that is lost first and this means your body has to naturally slow down to save energy. Your metabolism has got its brakes on so that your body can survive on the restricted diet and this 'brakes on' effect happens very quickly.

Once you add extra calories to your intake your metabolism doesn't speed up straight away. It can be another two or three weeks before it gets back to how it should be, and this is the time your weight rebounds big time.

But there is a way round this...

You can trick your metabolism by eating specific foods and taking small amounts of erratic exercise toyoyo picture get it working faster so you are burning more calories, that way your weight will come off, although at a slower, steadier pace which is far more beneficial to your wellbeing than crash diets ever could be.

These foods stimulate your thyroid to work propely, as does the quick boost exercise, as when we are overweight, that organ, along with others, has a restricted hormone output causing us to feel lethargic and that way put on more weight.

If you do take exercise regularly, like going to the gym, your metabolic rate will be naturally adjusted to suit your exercise and calorie intake, just like it would if you took no specific exercise but pottered about all day, so what you need to do is to give your body a quick boost by making it demand more energy from your fat, but only in small sessions every couple of days.

Read more about it in our free download to get a truthful and complete understanding of what your metabolism really is and trick it into action as your metabolism is the key to stopping this yoyo dieting fiasco.

Our recommendation is to keep clear of quick fix diet pills and potions and make a determined effort to uderstand how to get your life back on target with speeding up your metabolism through proper eating.

People have tried taking thyroxine - the drug supplied for an underactive thyroid - in the hope it would speed up their metabolism, and have found some success, although this drug also speeds up the heart as well, so anyone who is unfit and carrying surplus fat should be very wary of that one.

Most diet pills are a total waste of time as they are mostly diuretics with a fancy manufacturers name and packaging - meaning water tablets for blood pressure - making you dispose of any water within your body, which in turn means you lose weight quite quickly, but not in a healthy way. Your kidneys can come under a lot of stress using these long term, as can most of your other organs, especially if you take too many.

The biggest benefit of diet pills is that most people want the weight off NOW! But obviously that's why yo yo dieting is so widespread with the use of pills and potions for the quick fix with the sudden gain of water once the diet is accomplished and the plateau is reached.

The best way all round is to aim for a slow weight loss of maybe 2 or 3 pounds per week rather than the quick fix, with a view to speeding up your metabolism in a sensible way through eating a natural, varied diet and taking small amounts of erratic exercise beyond your normal exercise levels, that way keeping that weight off for good.

After all, isn't that the way you put the weight on in the first place, slowly and naturally?