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 Want To Get Rid of Love Handles?

What's The Best Exercise For Love Handles

You've had them long enough - right?

But you feel it's time you did something about them after the different comments you've heard.

Alright... Most of us have them, but it's not like you're overweight much, is it?

Dare I say it? You're maybe just a little podgy, chunky even?

And if anybody says anything you say I'm big boned... I've always been like this!

But that's a total myth. You know it and you want shut!

You may even be skinny with those dreaded love handles!

So let's look at it logically.

Let's define love handles...

Those love handles of yours are either the beginnings or intermediate stage of your body laying down fat, or a result of losing fat, and the truth is they are the hardest type of fat to get rid of.

Those euphemistically called love handles are the first fat deposited and this tends to be the most dense and will remain like that for years if you don't get rid, with more easily dissolved layers of fat surrounding them.

Those surrounding layers are the ones your body turns into energy most easily, meaning they get burned off with exercise or food restriction first, but the original, ooooh, that takes some shifting no matter how hard you work out in the gym or increase your jogging milage or speed to step up your heart trate.

If you're struggling after weight loss, you may have shed the pounds big time but you are left with what seems an impossible job of losing that last 10 pounds or so.

You feel you've hit a brick wall and been stopped dead in your tracks; it won't come off; there's no way!

That brick wall is down to the denser fat not being broken down so easily by your body for energy usage and that's the time your body tries to provide that energy by breaking down your muscles, which are easier, so you start to lose muscle mass while those pesky love handles just sit there, glowering at you, and you become steadily weaker and more frustrated (and there's a very good reason for that which is down to your thyroid gland).

Because of this muscle deterioration you need to keep providing your muscles with the right nutrients (mainly natural protiens and veggies) to allow repair and regrowth to happen naturally.

Sorry - I'm perhaps jumping ahead here too quickly.

Your muscles contain fats in different forms (provided by your kidneys) to allow regrowth and renewal as an energy source quite naturally. It is these fats your body robs from your muscles to provide energy for your main organs to function in the correct manner as the prime concern of your body is (and in early mankinds' evolution was) to remain in existence that way your brain automatically concentrates on keeping your main organs going as muscle can be replenished at a later date when food becomes more available.

In this way your body will lose weight, but those love handles you're stuck with for now as they are a last reserve of fat for your body.

But there is a way round this...

That is by having a diet that forces your body to burn layed down fat first and feeds your muscles at the same time while providing your main organs with the nutrients they need so they do not rob your muscles of their much needed fats.

Sounds complicated, but our present day diets are our biggest stumbling blocks, that's why there is an epidemic developing of obesity and type 2 diabetes (which is reversable) in most places of the world as the western processed diet spreads.

Keeping away from manufactured foods is the key to all this.

Many present day foods are factory prepared to prolong shelf life and add color appeal, to add texture and taste with products our bodies are incapable of using, often restricting our cells ability to perform properly by not providing the right hormones in the right doses for any particular requirement of our cells.

It's almost as if our bodies cells are surrounded by a dense fog and cannot see what is wanted next.

Our bodies need for fats for energy is provided by the kidneys, which requires hormones (signals in the blood) from the brain telling them to provide certain types of fat for energy purposes for particular cells for regrowth and each cell's production.

The kidneys provide 3 types of fats - imagine them being in a stiffness like steam, water and ice.

The first being (steam) for immediate energy and cell building, feeding all muscles and organs as this one gets almost everywhere through the blood stream and travels to the cells and through cell walls easily because of insulin provided by your pancreas.

The second (the water) has more of a problem getting through the cell walls but can be broken down, again by insulin within the blood to allow this fat to provide energy if the steam energy becomes unavailable (like when you get a low blood sugar from too much exercise).

The third is the stubborn fat released by the kidneys. The problem with this type is that it is easier for it to get through your cell walls with the help of insulin, supposedly as an energy source, but once there your body has trouble getting it back out into the bloodstream so it can be used. Owing to the volume bombarding your kidneys due to our diets, this type tends to stay in the blood stream as it's this one that blocks your arteries up and if it manages to get through your cell walls, just sits there, clogging your system.

Your kidneys also have the job of filtering any excess fat from your blood stream and expelling it from your body, but if your liver is overworked the fat builds up and more gets deposited where it is not wanted around your organs.

This in turn causes more problems...

Hence you may even be skinny with love handles which could be the start of something big in later life...

So what's the best exercises for love handles I hear you say???

In three words...


You need to first of all feed your organs with a decent diet, controlling your calorie intake while at the same time those foods will speed up your metabolic rate (unlike the present day diet most of us have which actually puts the brakes on metabolism) and take a small amount of exercise in an erratic manner.

Too much continuous exercise like in the gym does nothing for you (unless you are obese) as when you eat protien all that happens is your muscles get repaired from damage due to exercising and your kidneys then have to work harder to expel that surplus protien. You need to rest those muscles periodically.

By eating correctly you will lose weight when you sleep providing you eat at the right times of your day as this routine, along with a proper diet increases your thyroid productivity and speeds up your metabolic rate, giving you boundless energy like when you were younger.

The best diet to lose love handles can be split into two ways:

One especially for the ladies...

One particularly for the men...

Both work by improving the ability of hormone production due to easy diet changes and light exercise, feeding your thyroid properly and making your metabolism jump into top gear to burn off your stubborn love handles naturally.