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How Much Weight Can I Lose In 3 Weeks

Special Occassion Just Around The Corner?

Losing weight is a nightmare isn't it? But is keeping it off even harder!

So just how much weight can you lose in 3 weeks???

You're looking for a simple, easy to follow diet that's guaranteed to get those pounds off in record time and an easy to follow lifestyle diet change where your weight stays off for good?

Crash diets... Have you tried them???   Who hasn't???

They can help you lose weight in the first week or two but how about beyond that? Doesn't it just come back on once you stop the diet? They don't really fit the bill, do they?

It's all down to your metabolism being pushed into slumber mode (known as hibernation mode) where your brain senses food is scarce and makes a point of not wasting any energy, saving some of that energy in the form of fat for the hard times ahead.

We all do it quite naturally... Fat gets stored when energy is not needed right there and then, so it gradually builds up and before you know it you're bulging out all over the place.

yoyo dieting explained Your brain goes into slumber (hibernation) mode very quickly, usually a few hours; it even does it when you sleep, but slumber mode when you have a slow metabolic rate means virtually no calories are being burnt off whereas with a higher metabolic rate you actually burn off calories when you sleep, aiding your weight loss.

So when you put your body in slumber mode during any crash diet and start to eat normally after any weight loss, usually it's mostly water you lose in the first week, then your brain tells your body to stay that way.

There's a delay of a couple of weeks or more before the messages start getting through saying food is again plentiful, and over that few weeks with not burning those extra calories off your fat returns, and then some.

So the answer to your question how much weight can I lose in 3 weeks can be up to 20 pounds, although it depends a great deal how you go about it.

You could try this plan if you feel energetic and want to be cruel to yourself and you should lose 10-15 pounds (water and fat) in one week (but watch out for that rebound):

1) For one week only, eat 800 calories per day, mainly protein.

2) Workout 2-3 times per week with weights for an hour per session. Make sure the weights are heavy and be sure to work all body parts.

OK. Maybe you're not the energetic type and you're thinking of something a little easier?

Then the best way is to use one of the latest diet plans along with a little exercise where you eat proper foods at certain times of the day and you concentrate on protien, fruit and veggies rather than carbohydrates, that way you are not going hungry and you lose that dreaded fat rather than muscle mass.

Another option, a little slower, is replacing one meal a day with any of the easily made soups from the fat burning soup recipes guide below, that way you are sure to find the ones to suit your taste, and there's no need for exercise either.

It's the carbs that do the damage, whether in sugar, fats (including the much touted low fat spreads), alcohol, breakfast cereals, breads and most "diet" products which are far from what they claim. Even cooking oils are loaded in calories and stop your thyroid from working properly.

These are NOT the same old 'eat less and exercise more' pill popping weight loss routines that result in losing weight at a depressingly slow 'snails pace' of two or three pounds per week that are normally suggested, that way keeping you on the treadmill of diet pills, potions or classes which in effect reult in you putting weight back on once you stop the diet.

Not only that, but by sticking with these diet plans for more than 3 weeks you will not get the rebound effect where you pile on the pounds once again. In fact you will speed up your metabolic rate no end, burning those extra calories, allowing you the odd treat now and again with no worries about weight gain.

You'll have what feels like a younger body with limitless energy. Your stamina will increase and your get up and go will return rather than you feeling it has deserted you altogether, and you'll feel 100% better.

There is one diet plan specifically recommended for the ladies and another for men as there are differences in your body hormones which have been taken into account here but are often overlooked with other diets.

Being overweight is catch 22 really - your surplus fat, even if you feel you are just a few pounds overweight, slows your metabolism and that in turn slows the messages (hormones) between your thyroid (the trigger) and brain, which is supposed to stimulate your different bodily organs into full working order, providing the necessary functions of a healthy, lean, fit body.

With this small amount of fat blocking the signals between the thyroid and the brain along with the rest of your body you become listless as that same fat restricts the messages from your brain to your organs, meaning organ function and repair is slower, so your skin gets worse, your kidneys are overworked, your liver is slow to react, you loose your breath more easily and your blood flow becomes restricted around your extremities (hands and feet).

On top of that you lose any sexual drive especially if you've been unable to lose weight after 40 or 50 and begin suffering from depression as you feel you are a lesser being who can't get that weight off and everything is holding you back.

Frustrating, isn't it?

A fine example of this is type 2 diabetes where the pancreas doesn't get the full instruction from the brain telling it your body needs insulin to combat high blood sugar levels from the food you've recently eaten, so the blood sugar remains raised for longer which can cause further complications.

Not only that, but this same fat blocks the passageways the insulin would take to get into the bloodstream. In this way the fat slowly restricts the pancreas and insulin production, meaning you are developing pre-diabetes and from this type 2 diabetes comes on you ever so slowly so you are not even aware of it at first, and the worst of it is you gradually get fatter and fatter, as well as doing harm to your internal organs.

But as the fat builds up and engulfs your inner organs restricting the flow of beneficial hormones, triggered initially by the thyroid, different problems start to arise, with the diabetes example in particular leading on to supposedly controlling your diabetes by diet first, before moving on to tablets and finally being insulin dependant with having to have injections on a daily basis and be on a calorie controlled diet for the rest of your life.

Eyesight, kidney function, limbs being amputated and heart problems are all down to this fat build up with type 2 diabetes, bringing on a miserable future and an early death. That's certainly not something to look forward to, is it?

For type 2 diabetes, this can be reversed  ---  but type 1 (from childhood or early teens) is not possible so far, no matter what you hear, but there's hope with all the stem cell research going on right now, although getting that extra weight off will be of great benefit in the long run.

Taking control of you life now before diabetes controls you is by far the best way to tackle this developing world-wide epidemic.

Regarding the thyroid, to prove this, look at somebody with an overactive thyroid. They'll be thin as a stick, fidgety, never sitting still, always active and on the go while someone with an underactive thyroid is the opposite, being listless, can't be bothered, overweight, and this proves your metabolic rate is influenced by your thyroid gland and its function can be restricted by your weight or diet.

So to get that weight off for the long term your thyroid needs feeding with the proper, natural nutrients rather than being stifled like it is with your present day diet and it needs to get working a little better, that way speeding up your metabolic rate, leading to getting those pounds off long term and having a more active lifestyle, and these three week diet plans do just that!

Recommended Diet for the Ladies

Recommended Diet for Men

This approach leads to a much more natural, active and positive future for you with boundless energy as if you were ten years younger, allowing you to get out and about again like you did when you had endless enthusiasm for everything in your life.

To find out  how much weight you can lose in 3 weeks in the easiest way possible like I did, with absolutely no commitment on your part, click the the green tabs above.

An underactive thyroid slows your metabolism, which in turn burns off less calories, meaning more fat is stored quite naturally and this occurs frequently in middle age and primarily is down to diet, and especially effects Ladies more than Men owing to their different hormones, although it must be understood that fat provides oestrogen, even in males, especially as they get older, which can aggravate the weight problem all the more.

More details of how an underactive thyroid effects you can be found here on this site and the free ebook metabolism explained is again here.

Take your time and explore the links for more info.

More topics will be added in the near future!
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