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How To Cure Pre Diabetes Naturally

How To Reverse Pre-Diabetes Naturally

Body and Health matters affect us all, Right?

Have you been diagnosed with pre-diabetes and you're wanting to know what it's all about, or maybe you think you may be heading that way and most importantly you're asking can it be reversed?

The main thing to know is that you're lucky you caught it early enough as the condition is totally reversable, but before explaining to you what you can do to avoid full blown diabetes, let's take a look at what it's all about.

So what is pre diabetes?

Pre-diabetes is the first stepping stone leading to type 2 diabetes, showing itself because of raised blood sugar levels which produces the following symptoms of pre diabetes in adults and now is effecting teens and even younger people who are heading for this condition through being overweight through too much consumption of the modern day diet:
  • You are constantly thirsty.
  • You pee a lot because of the excessive drinking.
  • You've put weight on or you may have started to lose weight unintentionally.
  • You're constantly tired and listless.
  • Your sexual desire has reduced or gone altogether.
  • You may be always hungry.
  • You may not be sleeping too well.
In more progressed cases you may have tingling sensations in your feet and blurred vision.
What these symptoms show is that your insulin production is being slowed down from either being a bit overweight, reaching old age where your organs are slowing down generally or you have been eating the wrong type of foods for most of your life, that way gradually shutting down your inner organs production of much needed compounds and hormones.

A simple blood screening test can show a raised blood sugar level.

Your blood carries round in it a certain amount of glucose (referred to as sugar) to provide energy so your body can function properly and insulin reacts with this blood glucose to allow it to get through cell walls and also feed your muscles.

Stop diabetes for goodPre-diabetes is the condition leading to type 2 diabetes, usually found in 'plump' people, and it is a warning you need to lose some weight, take up a little exercise and cut down on certain high calorie foods. This 'plumpness'  means your inner body cavity (holding most of your organs) is filled with fat which stifles organ production, the pancreas in this case amongst others, meaning you don't get the required insulin into your bloodstream when high sugar spikes are present.

On top of this your kidneys and liver are constantly pumping out glucose into your bood stream even when you sleep, building 
the sugar levels higher and for that reason, your blood carries the surplus sugar to your bladder, which in turn makes you want to pee more while your brain is telling you to dilute the blood by drinking more.

This constant pumping can be reduced by eating certain foods which is a big help in keeping your blood sugar levels down as can be seen in this video on controlling pre diabetes and type 2 diabetes.

The problem with having high blood sugar levels is your circulation gets blocked up and poor circulation causes nerve damage in the extremities (feet and hands) so you are not aware of wound problems or infections
through a lack of sensation which in turn can require amputations, along with lots of other bodily problems.

It's a bleak picture, but by taking action now you can avoid this easily.

The wrong foods means high calorie, full of saturated fats like burgers, sausages, fast foods, that type of thing, along with a need to be cutting down on pizzas, salt, trans fats like margarines and mixed cooking oils, alcohol and chemical additives.

By eating right with plenty of the following totally natural foods you will reduce your risk of developing type 2 diabetes and at the same time reduce your blood pressure:
  • fresh greens
  • fruit
  • seeds
  • nuts
  • beans
  • freshly juiced fruit and veg
  • plenty of purified water
Dried fruit tends to be more sugary as the water content of the fruit has been evaporated off, meaning the natural remaining sugars are more concentrated, although small quantities of dried fruits are fine as our bodies developed over centuries to use these fruits in their natural form.

Pre Diabetes Foods To Avoid:

  • Sugary drinks like sweet tea or coffee, soda and packaged fruit juice.Cup of sugar
  • Any factory sweetened product.
  • Any 'low fat' or 'diet' product, as these usually have added sugar to give the product some body - manufacturers don't tell you this - think yoghurt as an example. Again natural is fine.
  • Keep away from anything made up of wheat - or cut down on it - like pasta and white bread.
  • Limit your potatoes as these are full of carbohydrates.
  • Alcohol.
  • Do keep away from excesses of bananas as they are full of carbohydrates (calories).
Neat alcohol reduces your blood sugar levels a little, although the carbohydrate in some (beers) raises your blood sugar levels, and either way it raises your tryglyceride levels (bad fats in your blood), your blood pressure and also makes you want to eat to excess.

Do try to get a regular good night's sleep, preferably around eight hours worth otherwise this will effect your natural glucose control.

Smoking is a no-no as well as this antagonises the body's self repair hormone emmisions from your pituitary gland which is the keystone of bodily function in the long run. Smoking effects you eyes, circulation, kidneys, heart and causes nerve damage, all associated with long term diabetes developments, regardless of the well known lung or throat damage.

There are certain supplements that are supposed to be of benefit to help reduce your blood sugar or improve insulin sensitivity, more than likely the same natural sources a type 2 diabetic's medication is made from and they are as follows:
  • Bitter lemon - lowers blood sugar levels and has beneficial antioxidants
  • Fenugreek - lowers blood sugar level, increases insulin sensitivity and improves insulin production
  • Alpha-Lipoic acid - improves insulin sensitivity
  • Ginseng - well used by the Chinese for diabetes control
  • Gymnema Sylvestre - a very powerful herb for pre-diabetes control
There are others, but having a sensible varied diet, keeping away from trans fats and high calorie foods while exercising moderately for half an hour per day, no need for anything strenuous, will get the weight off as natural foods and a little exercise will allow your thyroid (amongst other organs) to return production to how it should be and that way speed up your metabolism, which in turn will help with weight loss and reduce your risk of developing from pre-diabetes to type 2 diabetes.

One more thing, don't go in for rapid weight loss as your body will react to this by putting more weight on once you come off the diet, unless you go in for a small routine change of diet like this one.

It took a long time to gain that weight, so a prolonged and steady attack is the best form of defence against any approaching diabetes.

Take your time and explore the links for more info.

More topics will be added in the near future!
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