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How to Put On Weight With A Fast Metabolism

You've got a fast metabolism and you are desperate to put on some weight, right?teenager with a fast metabolic rate

Maybe you were called names when you were a kid? Skinnyribs? Stick? Pencil? Like a yard of pump water?

There's all sorts, and it doesn't matter whether you are a boy or girl, those names stick in your head and make you feel worse every time you look in a mirror, don't they?

I know the feeling well!

Frustrating isn't it, and yet you think there 's nothing you can do about it? Just like I did.

I'll bet you've tried everything; eating loads of diet 'unfriendly' foods to put a bit of weight on, but got nowhere fast.

Chocolate, pies, burgers, cakes, double sized meals, bread, fast food, anything I could get my hands on to gain even an ounce extra, but nothing worked for me. I even tried a bit of body building with weight-gain shakes and weight lifting, but still nothing happened. I got a little fitter, but I remained like a bean pole no matter what I did. The muscles just didn't appear like everyone was telling me they should.

It was really doing my head in.

When I got into my teenage years I had no idea why I stayed so thin. On the net I'd type how to gain weight with a fast metabolism for teenagers as that was what I'd been told I had, but I barely understood it back then, and found out very little really as I wasn't committed to finding an answer.

knobbly kneesI wouldn't dare go round in shorts, even when it was roasting hot in mid-summer as I was really embarrassed about my skinny legs being on show with knobbly knees looking like toffee apples on sticks. And going to the beach was a nightmare. You could count my ribs when I took my shirt off and I didn't like the comments I got, so that never came off either.

I never got a tan other than on my face and even the few friends I had used to wind me up about being so over-dressed in the summer heat.

It gets thoroughly depressing when you can't attract the girl you want when she ignores you and walks by, barely seeing you when you try to catch her eye, and it wasn't as if I had a heavy job or I was super-active when I was younger that kept me thin, but I was saddled with a skinny build and I gradually accepted that was how I was meant to be through life.

For around another ten years after my teens I stayed at the same weight, skinny as a bean pole, frustrated as hell with my build, desperate to learn how to gain weight and muscle with a fast metabolism, so I decided to find out as much as I could about my skinny body and why I couldn't put on any weight and it was around this time I found I truly had what is referred to as a fast metabolism.

I found it's my thyoid gland being just a little bit overactive, producing too many hormones, which stimulates other organs in my body to produce other hormones, and the main culprit is the pancreas being super-sensitive and working on overdrive because of the thyroid hormones.

My Doc said that because it was just a little out of balance that I should go home, stop worrying about it and get on with my daily life, so that wasn't much help, as you can imagine, so more digging was needed.

First off, I found out there are hormones zinging round in my bloodstream all the time. Just like yours as well. These hormones are messages from one organ communicating with other organs inside me, and these organs all give out different messages that the other organs react to.

Desperate to put on weightWhen I eat, there are two different forms of fat (energy) released by my kidneys into my bloodstream. These are energy for my body to move and grow when needed. This happens with everybody. These are called sugars in simple terms as they are a source of energy for our bodies. One is like a thin, watery sugar solution which the muscles use for instant energy, and the second is a thicker 'fat' - a slower acting form of energy.

If there's any extra sugar released into my bloodstream by my kidneys
after eating, my hypothalamus (in my brain) picks up on it almost instantly (inside six minutes) and goes mad letting my thyroid know, which in turn sends out more instructions to my pancreas to kick out more insulin to try to get the sugar levels down. At the same time my kidneys react by giving out more watery sugars because the sugar level's dropping, which gets absorbed into my muscles because of the surplus insulin, which in turn means my muscles need to burn it off as there's nowhere to store it, so I'd fidget quite a lot. I just couldn't keep still. I was full of nervous energy which is a side effect of another hormone from my overactive thyroid.

My body was just a little out of balance really, much as you may well be, and the obvious answer is to correct that balance by slowing down the thyroid output a little, that way I'd gain a little weight.

So this had me searching for a remedy that didn't involve medications of any sort. I wanted to gain weight as naturally as I could and most certainly did not want to go under the knife and have part of my thyroid removed, even if the Doc had agreed to it. That just wasn't on.

How to gain weightThere were diets recommended where eating protein rather than carbohydrates (like drinking plenty of milk and having lots of eggs) was supposed to work but never did. It was suggested eating more frequently over the day rather than having larger gaps between my meals would do the trick. I was led to believe that skipping meals was a bit of use as well, but I was always hungry, so that was no good.

I tried all sorts for three or four years without any success, but in the end I found what I was looking for in a downloadable program that explains it all fully, gives guidance on what to eat and how often, and what times of the day to eat.

I was surprised by it, but it's worked wonders for me. My confidence has grown as I've thickened out. No more do I get shunned by the ladies as I go round in my shorts. It's almost a miracle, but it is all down to common sense when you understand it.

If you want to check it out, here's links to the downloads on how to put on weight with a fast metabolism, one for men and one for women of all ages, as we've different hormones we need to consider.

How to put weight on - for men

How to gain rounded curves - for the ladies

Take your time and explore the links for more info.