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An Easy Reading Guide To Body and Health Matters

Body and Health matters affect us all

Be it our own view of our physical appearance to the world at large or our bodies not working properly, caused by many reasons, the bulk of our ailments are antagonised by our present day diet, which is easily remedied with the right advice rather than taking endless pills and potions provided by health providers with the prime aim of lining their pockets.

There may just be simple to implement answers to help you here...

Understanding the health of our bodies is a bit of a hit and miss affair for the general public with the sparse information we receive, as well as for many health professionals, in that most people aren't even aware of how different parts of the body interact with one another and how understanding that having a more natural diet with a little exercise can boost many of our organs output for health and provide a far more active and fitter lifestyle for many more years to come.

Here we cover many of the maladies causing us angst from our own view of our body image through to bodily function problems and ways to help or even rectify many of them by eating healthier foods without expensive and extreme needs that can be detremental to our physical well-being and long term health.

This can be understood more clearly when you consider the massive change in the last two hundred years in food production methods and food types (generally modified through factory processes) changing us from thousands of years of being hunter / gatherers into what is referred to as a better lifestyle of taking what comes the easiest way we can, meaning our bodies are not capable of using and dealing with these foods efficiently, meaning they are making our organs work too hard, which infers either the food is not processed properly within the body, is stored as fat or is actually harming our bodies by clogging up our systems (but not in the way you are thinking right now).

Many present day foods - fast foods in particular - actually mask our inner organs, much like them being in a very thick fog, and hormones (our inner body messages travelling through our blood stream) along with nutrients provided by our different parts of the body fail to reach other organs like the lungs, pancreas, thyroid, heart and kidneys, as they can't get to them as they should, to tell those organs to repair themselves or work properly by up or downgrading production levels.

Just reflect on where these fast food outlets are in the world and ask yourself where obesity and its related ailments are developing most rapidly...

Also there needs to be consideration to any present day packaging being used for your food, like plastics,  leeching toxic chemicals into the food we eat (no matter how minescule), along with fertiliser production,
which tallies in with more modern ailments, most of which had no name in the early days, so were referred to as 'death by natural causes' when toe curling time came.

Your major organs are becoming blinkered - stifled even, especially by the so-called trans-fats developed in the last three decades and used extensively throughout the food industry purely for their convenience.

This is the anomaly...

Present day manufacturers fund governments through their taxes.
Pills and potions from health companies also fund governments through their taxes.

This means governments rely on these funds, so why should they try to make people healthier by promoting better diets as that way the public in general would need less of them?

Funds and big bonuses would drop big time!!!

The only reason governments go on about better efficiency in something like motor vehicles is the oil is running out and our cities are being polluted which is pretty obvious, so they are reacting to public outcry and at the same time looking for other ways to provide their funding. They are run, after all, in a similar manner to big businesses looking for a better return despite the fact they are cajoling the public into thinking they are looking after their health as they have been elected to do.

So depending on governmental directions or medical suggestions for your own bodily health, where the symptoms are treated rather than cures being offered is like shutting the stable door once the horse has bolted.

By learning from the following pages about your particular problem, along with any other unseen developing condition that may be just around the corner, you are likely to find there are inexpensive cures or aids available where you can take small steps now leading up to a big improvement in your own life with very little effort on your part, usually by changing your diet alone and eating healthier foods to stimulate your body to repair itself rather than shut it down.